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British Forces Vehicle Crew Airfix
British Forces Vehicle Crew Airfix A03702
British Forces Vehicle Crew Airfix 1/48
British Forces Vehicle Crew Airfix A03702 1/48
Airfix A03702
Airfix A03702} 1/48
На фотографиях могут быть представлены различные варианты сборки модели в том числе и с использованием дополнительных материалов, которые не входят в данный набор. Обращайте внимание на изображение коробки.

A03702 Сборная модель British Forces Vehicle Crew - Airfix 1/48

Артикул: A03702
В наличии
Количество деталей:
Код в 1С:


The crews of vehicles operating in Afghanistan have to be fully alert to the dangers they find on a daily basis. Operating in the extreme conditions the crews are fully trained in all the tasks they are asked to undertake. This set of eight figures is suitable as drivers and other on-board crew, as well as maintenance teams, extending the opportunities for diorama with the Land Rovers, Jackal and Coyote. Contains eight unassembled, unpainted figures, vehicle not included. Please Note: The Driver, Passenger and 'Top Gunner' figures supplied in this set have been designed to fit the Airfix Jackal and Coyote. They can be made to fit into the Airfix Snatch Land Rover and WMIK, but they will require some modification in order to do so, therefore only modellers with some experience should attempt this. Important: It is not possible to fully assemble the Driver, Passenger and 'Top Gunner' figures from this set and then fit them into a fully assembled Jackal or Coyote (or any other vehicle). The figures must be built up together, as indicated in the figure assembly instructions. Please read both the figure and vehicle instructions carefully before you start.


Производитель Airfix
Масштаб 1/48
Количество деталей 46
Код в 1С НФ-00000272


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