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The new 05 series amphibious fighting vehicle is similar to the U.S.
Expeditionary Fight Vehicle (EFV) in concept. The vehicle was designed to be
launched at sea, from an amphibious assault ship 10km or more offshore, capable of high-speed (>25 km) travelling to shore The most distinctive feature of the 05 series is the hydraulically
actuated bow and transom flaps, the bow and transom flaps together with the
bottom of the hull can form a planning surface, allowing the vehicle to go
faster by using its speed and hull-shape to lift the front part of the hull out
of the water, thus greatly reducing the hydrodynamic drag on the vehicle. The ZTL-05 is armed with a fully-stabilised 105mm rifled gun mounted on a welded three-man turret.
The gun is specially modified to reduce the recoil to allow firing in swimming.
Secondary weapons include a 7.62mm machine gun, a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun mounted on the roof of the turret, and two sets of
four-barrel smoke grenade launchers mounted on the side of the turret. The
vehicle has a crew of four.


Масштаб 1/35

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