Soviet T-24 Medium Tank

Артикул: 82493
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   The T-24 was a Soviet medium tank
built in 1931. Only twenty-four tanks were built, and saw no combat. This was
the first tank produced at the KhPZ factory in Ukraine, which was later
responsible for the very successful T-34 and T-54 Soviet tanks. The T-24's
suspension was used successfully in the Soviet Union's first purpose-built
artillery tractors.   The T-24's main armament was a 45
mm gun. It had a ball-mount 7.62 mm DT machine gun in the hull, another in the
turret, and a third in a secondary turret atop the main turret. The tank was
well-armoured for its time, but suffered from problems with the engine and


Масштаб 1/35

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