German Pz.kpfw.I Ausf.F (VK18.01)-Early

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    The second
vehicle, the Ausf F, was as different from the Ausf C as it was from the
Ausf A and B. Intended as an infantry support tank, the Panzer I
Ausf F had a maximum armour thickness of 80 millimeters
(3.15 in) and weighed between 18 and 21 tonnes. The Ausf F was
armed with two 7.92-millimeter MG-34s. Thirty were produced in 1940, and a
second order of 100 was later canceled. In order to compensate for the
increased weight, a new 150 horsepower (110 kW) Maybach HL45 Otto engine
was used, allowing a maximum road speed of 25 kilometers per hour
(15.5 mph). Eight of the thirty tanks produced were sent to the 1 Panzer
Division in 1943 and saw combat at the Battle of Kursk. The rest were given to
several army schools for training and evaluation purposes.


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