Russian KV-1’s Ehkranami tank

Артикул: 84811
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Масштаб: 1/48


       To solve the problem of the fear of inadequacy of armor protection on the already heavily armored KV-1 Model 1941, It was decided to bring the armor protection of the turret up to a thickness to 75mm. Since the capability of producing such a thick armor plate was lacking at the time, so an interim solution was to use bolt on armor, 25 mm of thickness, bolt directly to the outside of the turret and some other parts of the hull. This type was usually referred to as KV-1s Ehkranami. Parament
Item No        84811
Item Name        Russian KV-1’s Ehkranami tank
Bar Code        6939319248114
Scale        1:48
Item Type        Static kit
Model Brief        Length: 144.2mm   Width: 69mm   Height: 57.8mm
Total Parts        225pcs
Metal Parts        n/a
Photo Etched Parts        One sheet 
Total Sprues        8 pcs
Camouflage Scheme        Russian Army 
Released Date        n/a
More Features        n/a


Масштаб 1/48

Russian KV-1’s Ehkranami tank 1/48 можно купить в нашем магазине. Артикул: 84811

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