D.520 HobbyBoss
D.520 HobbyBoss 80237
D.520 HobbyBoss 1/72
D.520 HobbyBoss 80237 1/72
HobbyBoss 80237
HobbyBoss 80237} 1/72
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D.520 HobbyBoss 80237 купить
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На фотографиях могут быть представлены различные варианты сборки модели в том числе и с использованием дополнительных материалов, которые не входят в данный набор. Обращайте внимание на изображение коробки.

80237 Сборная модель D.520 - HobbyBoss 1/72

Артикул: 80237
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       The D520 was a French fighter aircraft that entered service in early 1940, shortly after the start of WWII. It was the best French fighter of the war. The first prototype D520 flew in October 1938. After seizing the non-occupied part of France in November 1942, the Germans captured 246 D520C1 fighters, but only 182 of them were airworthy. Repainted and re-equipped they served the Luftwaffe as operational training aircraft. Some of these captured planes were sold to German Allies, some destroyed during the French Campaign in 1944 or recaptured by Free French pilots and the French Resistance. Parament Item No        80237 Item Name        D.520 Bar Code        6939319202376 Scale        1:72 Item Type        Static Aircraft Model Brief        Length: 121.3mm  Wingspan: 142.2mm  Height: 50.6mm Total Parts        23pcs Metal Parts        n/a Total Sprues        3pcs Paint Schemes        â€œWhite 27”Kozhedub 176 ,GFAR     “White 23” P. Ya. Golovachev ,9th GFAR Released Date        n/a More Features        n/a


Производитель HobbyBoss
Масштаб 1/72


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