M51 Isherman

Артикул: 3539
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Масштаб: 1/35


Barcode: 0 89195 83539 0
  Packaging: 20 pieces per master carton
  Box Size: 9.6"x15"x3.1"
  Category: Israeli Defense Force Military Vehicle
1/35 M51 Super Sherman Israel Defense Force ~ Premium Edition
Dragon is proud to announce the introduction of an M51 Super Sherman into the
  Premium Edition range. Based on the very popular 1/35 kit from “yesteryear”,
  it has received a great many enhancements that bring it truly up to date. There
  is extensive use of photo-etched components for delicate items like headlight
  guards, jerry can rack, fenders and fender stays. Slide-molds have contributed
  a number of new parts like accurate machine guns, and sprocket and idler wheels.
  Meanwhile, clear plastic for the cupola and an optional aluminum gun barrel
  also make their way into the box. This powerful Sherman saw combat in the Six-Day
  War in 1967 as well as in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

- Muzzle brake delicately reproduced in separated parts
- Updated cupola
- Slide-molded machine guns with hollow muzzle
- Periscope with clear parts
- Option of forming jerry can rack from photo-etched parts
- Photo-etched headlight guards and periscope guards
- Fender, front fender guard and tiny fender stays made from photo-etched parts
- Bottom hull complete with fillets and return roller mounts already molded on
- HVSS system in fine details
- Optional springs allow for realistic suspension action
- T80 tracks by DS
- Hollow guide horns are made in slide-molded plastic parts for extreme detail
- On-vehicle tools with optional photo-etched clasps
- Aluminum barrel
- Cartograf decal offers variety of markings

About the M51 Super Sherman:
The M51 tank was created in the 1960s when 180 M4A1 Sherman hulls received turrets mounting French 105mm CN 105 F1 guns. These guns had their length shortened from 56 down to 44 calibers, and a muzzle brake was fitted. These guns, and the associated tanks themselves, were both designated M-51 by Israel. All of these Super Shermans were powered by Cummins diesel engines and ran on HVSS suspension.


Масштаб 1/35

M51 Isherman 1/35 можно купить в нашем магазине. Артикул: 3539

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