Russian KV-1(model 1941)KV small turret tank

Артикул: 84810
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Масштаб: 1/48


      The KV type tank that research to manufacture wins in the competition of the heavy type tank from the factory of Kirov in 1939, ising named after KV-1.KV-1 the beginning batch quantity produces in 1942 February, at the beginning of the production model number calls the KV-1 model 1941 " small Turret", first material in KV-1 types L-11s 76.2 mm of artillery; July of 1940, the heavy type in the series of KV tank production be transfered by the factory of Kirov the 100 factory production, henceforth the KV-1 that produce all changed to pack better types F-32s in function 76.2 mm of artillery. Parament
Item No        84810
Item Name        Russian KV-1(model 1941)KV small turret tank
Bar Code        n/a
Scale        1:48
Item Type        Static kit
Model Brief        Length: 145mm   Width: 69mm   Height: 58mm
Total Parts        216 pcs
Metal Parts        n/a
Photo Etched Parts        One sheet 
Total Sprues        8 pcs
Camouflage Scheme        Russian Army 
Released Date        n/a
More Features        n/a


Масштаб 1/48

Russian KV-1(model 1941)KV small turret tank 1/48 можно купить в нашем магазине. Артикул: 84810

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