T-34/85 (Model 1944 flattened turret)Tank

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      The T-34/85 was a modification of the T-34 equipped with a more powerful armor and cannon. T-34/85 had a flatter turret which gave this already inovative tank design the look that all tanks adopted after the wars end. Although not equal to the German Panther and Tiger tanks, the huge numbers of T-34s more than compensated for their technological shortcomings. Parament Item No        84807 Item Name        T-34/85 (Model 1944 flattened turret)Tank Bar Code        6939319248077 Scale        1:48 Item Type        Static kit Model Brief        Length: 168mm    Width: 62.6mm    Height: 57.9mm Total Parts        400 pcs Metal Parts        n/a Photo Etched Parts        One sheet  Total Sprues        13 pcs Camouflage Scheme        Russian Army  Released Date        n/a More Features        n/a


Масштаб 1/48

T-34/85 (Model 1944 flattened turret)Tank 1/48 можно купить в нашем магазине. Артикул: 84807

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