Eurocopter Tiger Revell
Eurocopter Tiger Revell 04485
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На фотографиях могут быть представлены различные варианты сборки модели в том числе и с использованием дополнительных материалов, которые не входят в данный набор. Обращайте внимание на изображение коробки.

04485 Сборная модель Eurocopter Tiger - Revell 1/72

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In the UHT Tiger the German army has acquired the very latest combat helicopter, which due to its sensor technology and versatile armament (Trigat, HOT, Stinger missiles as well as unguided rockets and machine cannon), is perfect for fulfilling a wide spectrum of missions from armed escort to fire support. The first German production machine was available to the Federal German armed forces on 6th April 2005. The French army flying unit had already received its first Tiger HAP with a 30 mm cannon on 18.3.2005.

- Surface details with recessed panel lines

- Detailed cockpit with instrument panel

- Detailed landing gear

- Movable main rotor

- Antennae

- Pylons for weapons

- Conversion parts for the UHT version with mast-mounted sights

- Missile pods: Trigat, HOT and Stinger

- HAP version with undernose cannon

- Mistral guided missiles and rocket pods

Decal Set for 2 versions:

- Eurocopter Tiger UHT of Heeresflieger (German Army) at the Franco-German Pilot School at Le Luc Southern France, October 2006

- Eurocopter Tiger UHT of French Ary at the Franco-German Pilot School at Le Luc, Southern France, October 2006


Производитель Revell
Масштаб 1/72
Размер, см 19,4
Количество деталей 116
Рекомендуемый возраст 10+


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